• Online Joomla Security ScannerWe will fix your Joomla website security!Is your website built with Joomla CMS ? Is it secure ? Can it host and spread malware ? Can you risk being delisted or banned by search engines ? Check your website security with our service now!
  • Nothing to installNo need for you to install anythingOur service is delivered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). It's ready to use immediately.
  • Scan your Joomla website todayScan your Joomla website today70% of all web applications are unsecured. Don't allow your Joomla website to be hacked.

Service Overview

  • We will help you find and eliminate vulnerabilities from your Joomla website
  • Minimize risk of your Joomla website being hacked, reputation damage and customer loss
  • Our penetration tests are less costly and by-far more intricate and detailed than our competion


What We Do

In our opinion your Joomla website might be at risk of being abused. To help businesses with their security needs, we have created this Online service (Software-as-a-Service). It is an effective way for business to asses and improve their website security. Our false positives ratio is 0%.


We are more than glad to receive feedback regarding our service and how it can be improved.


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[20140904] - Core - Denial of Service



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[20140903] - Core - Remote File Inclusion



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Got questions ? Need manual, Open Source or 3rd party commercial tool scanning ? Need PCI, SOX, HIPAA scanning ? Don't know how to fix security issues ? Hire a teleworking or a local consultant. Contact us for more details.



We are IT security professionals and have performed hundreds of website scans in our day jobs. We have worked with websites possibly very similar to yours and we have seen how security becomes more and more often exploited by hackers and in the end result in reputation and monetary losses. Let us help you to improve your website security.

"Most organizations don't have the resources to perform all application testing internally, so there has been an increase in interest and overall acceptance in remote external application testing services"


- Neil MacDonald, VP & Gartner Fellow at Gartner Inc.